After a 2017 car accident, I’m working on finding my new normal and discovering the person who I can now be. With wild dreams of getting back to my life as a writer, I’m trying to focus on the reality that I have a brain injury and am a little (lot) less capable than I previously was.

I’m sporadically posting about my healing and self-discovery related adventures on my Instagram and will try (🤞) to get back into blogging and sending out newsletters soon.

In the meantime, here’s some of the work I’ve recently created.

I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always preferred to do things on my own schedule, in my own way. That’s why being a freelance writer and editor was a dream. Whether I’m sitting at my princess-style pink desk, nested in the corner of a coffee shop or taking over a faraway friend’s dining room table, I feel at home with my fingers on the keyboard.

Having struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life, I’m finally starting to figure this shit out and want to help other freelancers and creatives learn how to take care of their mental health while pursuing the work they love. That’s what my blog and newsletter is all about!

I’ve written on a wild variety of topics, but have been focusing on feminism, veganism, mental health, relationships, sex and the wildly cool people of this planet. A few of my faves include:

Lobby the Lobster’s journey: I learned that a couple who used to live in Winnipeg was shipping a lobster to freedom in Halifax. The story ended up going international, after I shipped it out into the world.

Trombones and fairies and swords, oh my!: People are always telling me about the fascinating people in Winnipeg who are doing strange things with their time. While I’ve written many articles about such people and groups, I managed to get trombone fanatics, crafty-folks and sword fighters all into this one.

Genderless parenting: Despite working around hectic parent schedules, I managed to meet with several parents who are practicing gender-free child rearing to put this piece together for the fall 2015 issue of Outwords.

Cockroach Issue 11: I put together issue 11 of Cockroach, including curating content, writing articles, taking photos and doing layout.

Out of Stock: I wrote this article for Bitch. The idea came from my frustration of having to spend far too much time on stock image sites to find photos that represented diversity.

The world isn’t always kind. As an eco-feminist vegan, I’m especially conscious of this. But it’s also full of beauty and love, and I want to share that through my writing.


Vision statement: To create content that changes the way people view and move through their world, encouraging everyone to live more passionately, sustainably and gently.

Mission statement: To write positive articles for a wide variety of media outlets about topics that matter to me, including feminism, veganism, mental health, relationships, sex and the wildly cool people of this planet.

You can reach me at megjcrane@gmail.com, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re wanting to get a little more up-close and personal with me, sign-up for my newsletter and you’ll be able to have private convos with me about creativity and mental health.