Getting organized


It’s kind of like ripping off a band-aid.

The pile up of emails I’ve already read that need to be sorted into folders. Stacks of notebooks, half written in, scattered throughout my apartment. A pile of important papers that I have no where to go gets stashed in my knitting bucket.

The incredible mess that comes with being a student who also works. The incredible stress that comes with having to search beneath piles of clean laundry for anything when you’re a neat freak.

Most days the last thing on my mind is stopping to put things in their place. It’s been so long since I had time to be as organized as I want to be that some things just don’t have a home. But in reality if I took the time to stop working for a couple hours to get my physical and virtual life organized I would save a lot of time and my stress levels would be greatly reduced.

So this weekend while my partner moved his boxes and furniture into my home, I moved things around my home to make my life tidier.

It was painful to do. But man, the relief I feel.

Next time I need to head out to interview someone, I’ll just have to reach into my “cameras, recorders, cords and other fun journalist things” drawer to grab what I need. And, oh look! A full change purse, pencils and pens, and notebooks are there waiting for me too!

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