Reputation ruining


This week most of my classmates had to cover the Morris byelection.

I didn’t. Instead I contacted the five candidates to find out where they would be when the polls were closed, what time they’d be there, if students were allowed, if there would be wifi or cell service and if they had Twitter.

I thought I was getting off easy, but it would have been easier (and more fun) to cover the byelection.

Getting ahold of people can be a nightmare. 

In this case a couple politicians did respond to me quickly and keep me updated on where they’d be. A couple were a little more difficult.

I’ve noticed a lot that as a student it’s difficult to get people to agree to interviews for school assignments.

People are busy and making arrangements for a student isn’t always on the top of everyone’s priority list. But ignoring them, leading them on as though you will give them an interview and cancelling last minute aren’t ways to deal with a lack of time.

I’ve  already got a list of people (business owners, journalists and PR reps) I’d prefer to never have to deal with again. In some cases I’ve stopped supporting businesses because of how poorly they’ve treated me as a journalism student.

But I have a larger list of people who I’d go out of my way to help out, and whose businesses I now support more than before.

Remember, it’s not always who someone is that matters. It’s what they think of you.

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