Making time for news


Something I always forget about is staying in touch with the world.

The most common advice I get from journalists is to always have story ideas. But it’s pretty hard to do that when you don’t know what’s going on in the world.

I listen to CBC radio One in the morning for a half hour (when I make time for the gym…). I see headlines on Facebook and Twitter and read anything super interesting that I haven’t yet heard about. I read the news articles handed into me as news editor for OutWords magazine and everything handed into The Projector before the paper is printed. But by the time I hear about the stories they’re already news.

I have a stack of feminist magazines and zines sitting beside my bed that I haven’t made time to read in months. I’ve sought out and started following feminist blogs on Twitter, but rarely take time to read them. I don’t really keep an eye on events going on or make time to go to them.

Working and spending time with loved ones are both important, but I need to remember that knowing what’s going on in the world helps make work because I have stories to pitch and gives me something to talk about with people and prevents embarrassing situations when I don’t know about major events going on in the country.

My goal for this next week is to come up with a list of stories that would be relevant now that I want to write. I probably won’t write them now because I just don’t have time, but at least I’ll be getting in the habit of always having something up my sleeve.

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