Back-up plan queen


When I first decided to pursue a career as a journalist I wanted to be a freelancer and write solely for magazines.

Problem: Magazines are dying and some don’t pay much, if at all.

So I got into writing for newspapers. Now I have a couple papers that I can pitch story ideas to.

Problem: That’s only two papers, and often they don’t like my ideas enough to let me write them for money.

Now I’m looking for something else to get into.

I created and implemented a social media plan for Covet magazine this past December. I then created one for Cockroach zine, a publication I put together. I drafted up a plan for OutWords magazine to test out.

And with that real life, unpaid experience under my belt, I created pitches for potential paying clients.

Problem: Well, honestly, I don’t see one yet. A lot of businesses don’t know how to use social media properly. With all the research I did for Covet magazine and the experience I’ve already been getting from Cockroach zine and will get a lot more of in the summer when I have time to devote an hour a day to it, I will be an expert compared to many potential clients.

But who knows what the future holds? Social media might not be such a big part of business in the future. People might get better at it and not need to hire freelancers to manage their pages for them.

I’m still waiting to see how being a freelance social media planner pans out. If it works out I can get a manageable amount of clients.

Then I can start working on back-up plan number four. Any suggestions?

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