There’s always something…


Last week I came home after a particularly long day of working two jobs with the goal of ploughing through a rather long freelancing to-do list.

Then I stepped into the bathroom. My socks were soaked two steps in.

The toilet tap has been leaking so the water needs to be shut-off. I need to call a plumber, but I haven’t been home during the day the past three weeks so I was putting it off. One of my roommates forgot our predicament. So I was left to clean before I could even start working. Let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep that night.

Six years ago, almost to this day, I left my parents house and found my own place. Since then, “There’s always something!”

Cats with bladder infections, appliances dying, getting robbed, dishwashers and toilets overflowing. For six years I’ve been complaining that “there’s always something!” Life can’t be smooth for more than a few days.

I came home Friday night and my perspective changed a little. That morning I went to pay my bills and realized that after six years of going to school with no student loans, I had finally ran out of money. Pay Hydro or my phone bill? The Internet isn’t so important because we can walk to the library, I was rationalizing, hoping it didn’t come to that. Wondering how to explain it to my roommates.

Then I come home from work and there’s a cheque from a company I freelanced for that just covers what I need to scrape by. And starting a job on Monday, it’ll be smooth sailing from there.

Yup, the toilets going to overflow sometimes. Sure, having three cats there will be giant vet bill from emergency middle of the night visits. And yes, I will have to rush to friends and family’s places with perishable goods when the fridge or freezer decide to stop working.

But at least I can afford to fix those things. And hey, it’s kind of fun getting a visit from a plumber! The things you learn… And those runs over to loved one’s cooling appliances, well, they show you who really cares.

Life would get boring if everything was perfect all the time. You need to look at the good side of things.

Thinking I was going to lose Internet access had me brainstorming freelance stories all day Friday. So now I’m off to send some pitches!

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