Taking time off


This weekend, I relearned what it was like to have fun.

Saturday morning I slept in until 8, drove around with my partner and coffee looking for free stuff from “free weekend,” and made a fancy picnic which we had at the park while getting sunburns before taking a walk through three different gardens. 

What’s missing? Work.

I think of some of the volunteer work that I do as “fun” time. I enjoy it and the people I work with. But the fact is, someone dictates where I am and what I’m doing during that time. It’s not real time off. It’s not relaxing. It’s just one more thing to clutter my agenda with.

Saturday was the third full day off I’ve taken this year. It’s time for more.

This week, I’m going to set a goal amount of money I’d like to be bringing in monthly. Then, I’m going to have to start dropping the things that I don’t truly enjoy and that stop me from reaching that goal.

Will I drop all my volunteer work? Certainly not. But I plan on cutting back so I’m spending more time picnicking and less time working for free.

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