Setting financial goals


Last week I decided I need to start moving towards making a goal income.

Writing down my number, I realized that I’m below half of where I expected to be after graduating. Which makes me really glad I managed to get out without any student debt.

So, why am I so far? Besides spending maybe too much time on projects I don’t get paid for, I’m not very efficient the four afternoons a week after my part-time job.

I often plan to grab coffee or lunch with a friend before I start working on freelance projects. By the time I get home my roommate is here being noisy or my partner is home and I want to catch up about our days.

This week, I’m going to try stopping at a coffee shop before home to work on freelance projects. I’ll also try to find a few more before heading home.

Working from home would be great if I had a space to do it and didn’t have a roommate who only has loud hobbies. So, until there is peace at home I’ll work elsewhere in my quest to make above the poverty line.

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