Pros vs. Cons


I’ve been doing this freelance thing for about a month. Overall it’s been pretty rad.


IMG_0115-I can work from bed when I’m feeling like crap.

-I can work with my cats within arms reach. Or in my arms.

-Or in bed with cats on me.

-Eating healthy is much easier when my kitchen and food is just a few feet away.

-After a big win, I can take the rest of the day off to have a private dance party.

-If there’s work I’m not interested in, I don’t do it. If there’s a publication that’s difficult to work with, I pitch somewhere else.

-If there’s a project I really want to work on, I can find time in my day for it and maybe even get someone to pay me.

I’m not looking to get tied down to a desk job again quite yet, but not everything is all cats and dance parties.


-After a big win, there’s no one around to celebrate with me.

-It can be hard to decide when to take a break to eat, so 4 p.m. might be greeted with a rumbling stomach.

-Other times, at 5 p.m. you realize you haven’t brushed your teeth.

-Friends and family have difficulty understanding that everyday is not a “day off.”IMG_0110

-Getting the cats to realize I’m not available for snuggles every second of every day is next to impossible.

-Too much work? Not enough? It’s a balancing act I’ve far from mastered.

Despite the cons, I know I’ve made the right decision every time I remember that I’m self-employed. The giddy, excited feeling almost completely covers up the fear that rent won’t be paid in just a couple short weeks…

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