I forgot that life is for enjoying


Here’s a catch-up post for last week since I missed blogging due to preparing for the nine hour drive home from Forever MicroRanch Sanctuary.

Last Saturday, I cried as I pulled out of the driveway of the sanctuary, wanting to run back to hug the donkey and wrestle the dogs one last time. I knew I would miss the friends I’d made, the quiet of the country and also the time in my day to just stop to enjoy life.

How absolutely ridiculous is that? In the city, I have so much on my daily to-do list that I don’t feel like I can cook a delicious dinner or spend time playing with my cats. There’s very few blocks of time that I lay out in the sun and devour a book, or seek out a garden where I can get my hands dirty pulling weeds and inspecting insects. I had time for both those delightful pass-times at the sanctuary.


(Left to right) Jen, me and Maria planting trees.

In the city, I’m lucky to make time for one of those activities once a month. No wonder I have so much anxiety. I’m so focused on doing the things that keep humans going in our fast-paced society that I’ve forgotten to slow down and just enjoy existing.

That’s the biggest thing I want to take home from my stay at the sanctuary. Life is for enjoying, so I’m going to take breaks in my busy day to savour a cup of tea with a cat on my lap. I’m going to spend great deals of time in my kitchen concocting delicious dishes and listening to podcasts. I’m going to dance around my apartment to music with a cat fishing rod and enjoy how much pleasure my cats get from the feathery end.

I’m going to put more focus on enjoying being alive while these lungs are still sucking in fresh oxygen. Life isn’t as thrilling when each moment is dedicated to being productive.

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