Be weird for your mental health


Here’s a cliche truth: Life is short.

Do you want to spend yours being a serious mess of anxiety or a hilarious mess of anxiety? I chose the latter and put a lot of effort into making my life silly, which leads to a lot of laughter, both from me and those who get a peek inside my wild world.

I try to fill my space and time with things that make me burst with happiness. I want to see so much beauty, I cry. I want to laugh so hard, my stomach hurts. Under all this anxiety shit, I want to be passionately happy.

Here are things that make me giggle:

  • The fort I built in my office
  • Having a bed for a couch as well as a bed for a bed so I have sleep location options
  • Colourful, comfy, ridiculous clothes like my zebra print onesie
  • Dresses with pockets
  • Bumper stickers like mine which reads “Aunty Em, hate you, hate Kansas, taking the dog.”
  • Narwhals, like the one on my right ring finger, my finger puppet and my 2016 calendar
  • Cats, like the one on my left ring finger and the three who cuddle me all day and night
  • Eating wild edibles, like clover flowers, dandelions, purslane and lamb’s quarters
  • Drinking out of tea cups
  • My Little Pony
  • Creepy dolls, like my Chucky
  • Mashed potato and gravy sandwiches
  • Playing tricks on friends, like hiding funny dolls in their home without their knowledge
  • Teasing and wrestling and cuddling my nephews (and encouraging them to call me hilarious names, like Tuna)
  • Doing the same thing with my partner, Dorkus

Sometimes, when I’m having a rotten day, I call Dorkus to complain. He likes to point out the positives. I hate when he points out the positives. But, sometimes, when he mentions one of these things which I love, I can’t help but smile. It’s hard to feel completely lost and hopeless and alone when sipping homemade ginger beer from a octopus tea cup inside a frilly fort with My Little Pony toys while three cats fight for your snuggles and love.

That’s just a fact.

podcast artwork4

This week on Ramblings of an Anxious Mess, I go into a bit more detail about why I’m such a weirdo.

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