Life ain’t so bad


On this blog, I focus a lot on what I’m struggling with. It’s giving a lot of people who care about me the wrong impression and I’m getting a lot of worried messages of support and love.

It’s okay, guys. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my issues this year. There were a lot of downs that everyone helped me through, but there were also a lot of ups.

Like my trip to Boston with one of my best friends, to visit a woman who is now also my friend.

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There were my many outdoor adventures, most of which were not captured on camera:

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And then I headed to Jasper to visit my younger brother:

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Plus, I started an Instagram for my cats, deepened relationships with good friends and picked up a few new hobbies. I spent so many hours dancing with my nephews, joking around with friends and snuggling animals. The Handmade Vegan Market was a ridiculous success. I sold a wild number of buttons. Cockroach really started to take off and I sent more than 1,400 valentines to women’s shelters. I got a lot of new work, including achieving my teenage goal of being published by BUST. Almost more exciting, I got paid to write about cats.

12484586_480194648850853_2749838473334702231_o.jpgDon’t judge my life by my blog. I’m showing my darkest, saddest self here for many reasons, but there truly is plenty of beauty, joy and love in my silly little life.

I have a lot of optimism that things are just going to keep getting better. I have trips planned to Calgary, Ottawa, Chicago and Boston, and there’s some talk of a month long adventure along the East Coast. The next Handmade Vegan Market is going to be on May 27 and valentines are already pouring in for women’s shelters across Canada. I’m working on an idea for a new podcast, Bedtime Stories for Adults, and am writing a memoir (because I’m so old and wise and interesting). I’ve got a good feeling about the next 12 months, guys.

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