Cats and kids do it right


My life over the past few months has pretty much been taken over by toddlers and cats. I’m pretty thankful because they’ve got some good lessons to teach.


  1. Have a good stretch a few times a day. Make sure to make funny noises when doing so.
  2. When you’re upset, let people know. And let them help make you feel better.
  3. Playtime is important.
  4. So are naps.
  5. And eating regular, healthy meals.
  6. If someone gives you bad vibes, fucking run away.
  7. If you really enjoy someone, let them know they’re (for the moment, at least) your favourite human being.
  8. Saturday mornings are meant for cartoons, magic shows, cuddling and lying in the sun.
  9. Dance parties can happen anywhere, anytime.
  10. If something really pisses you off, just scream the feelings out.

I think I’ll be a lot happy and more chill now that I’ve taken Being a Small Creature in a Human Home 101.

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