Holy crap, people are nice.


I received the above gift anonymously in the mail a couple of weeks ago after a particularly annoying day. I don’t remember what was going on, but I do remember feeling ridiculously stressed and anxious. A lot of that slipped away after I found this in my mailbox.

If you know me at all, you know I don’t go to theatres. What you might not know is that I don’t go because some months I barely slip by financially and going out to see a movie isn’t in the budget. Like, it hasn’t really been for more than a year. But the beautiful feather, kind note and lovely handmade envelope were just as special. I had to sit down for a minute and cry. Multiple times over the next 24-hours.

People are just so dang nice to me!

I’m not going to lie, after really enjoying receiving this gift, I put on my detective hat and tried to figure out who’d sent it. There were some telling clues, but I stopped myself before coming up with a list of suspects and instead shifted my focus to thinking about how damn lovely this was and how I want others to feel this way.

That’s sort of why I started Sending Love to Broken Hearts. But folks staying in women’s shelters over Valentine’s Day aren’t the only ones who need some love. Talking with a good friend, we decided to start getting together somewhat regularly to create nice little packages like this for people who we know are struggling, whether or not we really know that person.

Whoever sent this, thank you! I’m holding on to the love you sent me and making sure to spread it. You’re fucking beautiful, amazing and lovely.


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