Meg’s guide to being nice


I’m a little beat this week because people can be really fucking mean. Here’s my guide to being a decent human being on the most basic level.

  1. If someone says something you’re doing is making them uncomfortable, just stop.
  2. Someone’s upset you? Tell them what the problem is and talk it out. We’re adults. An entire relationship doesn’t need to be dropped because you’re afraid of talking about feelings. If they’re not going to respect those feelings, by all means walk away. But to walk away because someone hurt your feelings by not showing up to an event is ridiculous.
  3. Don’t say anything about a person that you wouldn’t say to their face. Chances are they’re going to hear what you’ve said, or at least get the feeling you’re talking shit about them, and it’s just you who’s going to look like the asshole.

In the words of my wise co-worker, Thomas Pashko, “It’s really easy to not be a violent asshole, and yet some people still feel the need to.” That statement rings true to me even if you take the “violent” out.

Being a nice human being does take a bit of extra work, but it’s still not that hard.

  1. Help others out. Through Cockroach’s Stitching Hearts projects, it doesn’t take much time, money or effort. Even go through life with some Dollarama snacks to hand out to folks who are hungry, whether that’s co-workers or people on the street.
  2. Send a supportive message to someone who’s struggling, without demanding anything of them in return.
  3. Make the world prettier by picking up garbage and leaving gifts for strangers in random places.

I’m heading back to Montana where no one really knows me so at least folks can only be assholes to me online.

See ya!

Photo by Beverley Goodwin.

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