Be your own coach


Somedays fucking suck.

Somedays, I can barely breath because of the crushing anxiety. Somedays, I forget about all my successes. Everything just seems absolutely hopeless. What’s even the point of continuing to freelance? It’s not going to get me anywhere.

The evidence against my extreme pessimistic views are in my bank account and resume, but when you get down too deep, who’s going to remember that? Not me, let me tell ya.

But if not me, who else?

It’s not my husband’s, friends’ or fellow freelancers’ responsibility to drag me out of my depressive holes. It’s my own.

Finding inspiration or storing evidence against my false beliefs is helpful, but sometimes I just need a good pep talk, and who better to give me one than myself? After all, I know myself and what gets me out of a slump better than anyone else.

I’ve gotten rather good at giving pep talks by regularly offering them to friends when they’re not feeling like their awesome selves. It takes a little practice to be able to turn that around on oneself, but it’s important because, especially as a freelancer, you can’t always count on someone being around and having the right words.

Here’s a basic, standard, probably not super helpful because it’s not personalized pep talk:

You’re doing great. Despite everything your brain puts you through, you still get shit done. Incredible. Some people would crumble under the anxiety, but not you. Sure, it gets you down sometimes, but you get back up. You’re a badass, kickass human being who’s taking on the world like no one else can. Pick yourself up, take a day to rejuvenate and keep up the great work.

Wanna practice your pep talk skills? Shoot me a draft of what you’d say to yourself at or post it on Instagram and tag @MegJCrane.



2 thoughts on “Be your own coach

  1. Melody Crane

    I have found a “rainy day box” to be helpful… a shoe box decorated or whatever else one chooses as the designated ‘cheer me up’ reminders. Examples to keep in the rainy day box- favourite chocolate, cards or letters from friends, family, co-workers reminding us of our successes and our strengths, pictures etc that cheer us up on those days when we are deep in the hole of despair and/or anxiety. Your message today is a reminder I need to get a new Rainy Day Box. We all need such reminders at times in our lives. And as you said, for those of us who find it easier to cheer others on… it is important to boost ourselves; and so regularly. I had a rainy day box once and it fell by the wayside. Living in a new city without my best friends, a new box is in order.

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