My 2018 goals


My great pal and brilliant freelancer Jenna Anderson and I did our annual goal planning together this year.

It looks a little different for me this year, compared to past years. After 10 months of recovery–during which time I could barely read, write or venture far from home on my own–I now have a radically different perspective on my life. At the time of sitting down for the goal planning, I also didn’t have a work permit and was unable to earn money in my new home country of the US, so making financial and work related goals could have been setting myself up for failure.

Instead, my goals focus heavily on my top three values: relationships, passion, adventure.

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2018:


  • Do something active five days a week
  • Quit drinking
  • Try one new breakfast food per month
  • Get back on anti-anxiety meds
  • Start therapy again
  • Increase the amount I’m putting towards retirement savings


  • Do one, big kind thing for a friend each month
  • Send birthday cards to everyone I love
  • Check out one different group in Helena each month until I find one I like
  • Find a way to stay in touch with all my family as a group


  • Try one new things each month
  • Go on three non-work related weekend trips in Montana, each to a different place
  • Go on five day trips in Montana
  • Drive a car again

Passion projects

  • Run a Vegan Handmade Market in Montana
  • Finish writing my memoir
  • Come up with a short-term work place
  • Start selling knitting online


My goal planning doesn’t stop at a list. I’ve got an entire day planner committed to this. The larger goals are broken down into steps. All have either deadlines or points along the way where, if I’ve been successful up until that point, I’ll reward myself with a gift.

If things go as planned, I’ll be buying myself Mikyoko’s cheese, an indoor lavender plant and a treadmill.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see how I do throughout the year.

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