Just struggling to be kind


After planning this project, my cat became very ill and needed emergency surgery. He’s home now and recovering, but recovery is slow. I also received my work permit in early January, after months of waiting.

Between these two things, I’m busy af. David hasn’t regained full use of his bladder, so he leaks bloody urine all over. This means the washing machine is always rocking over here lately. I’m cleaning up and comforting him between sending out pitches and writing, wildly trying to find some paid work ASAP.

When it comes to My Kindest Year, I’ve got a lot of excuses for having phoned it in a bit, this week. Yesterday, my nice thing for someone else was going to see live music with Luke, something he loves doing, and my nice thing to myself was forcing myself to go out and have fun instead of cleaning the house.

This week’s been hard and I’m not beating myself up for putting this project on the back burner, scrambling every evening to think of nice things to do, but I’d like to be doing things that are much more involved and out of my ordinary.

For next week, I’ve decided to pre-plan the kinds things I want to do. I won’t necessarily do all them as I may come up with other ideas, but at least I’ve got something to work with.

For someone else

  • Write a friend a letter listing all my favourite qualities of theirs.
  • Send someone a book they might like.
  • Craft something for my mom and younger brother with grandma’s broken dishes.
  • Shovel my neighbour’s walkway.
  • Leave the postal worker cookies.
  • Take Miles to play fetch (yup, kind things for animal count).
  • Make Luke his morning oatmeal (yuck!).

For me

  • Make myself vegan cheese.
  • Order hair dye.
  • Play piano.
  • Spend an hour reading, eating olives and drinking tea, in peace.
  • Make myself a reading nook.
  • Craft something for me with grandma’s broken dishes.
  • Take an afternoon off to wander downtown.

I’m super open to hearing suggestions on kind things I can do for myself and others that don’t require much money! Comment below if you’ve got anything for me.

5 thoughts on “Just struggling to be kind

  1. I just ushered my family out the door to the movies so I can clean. Should have read this first! Fortunately I petered out (5amwritingclub took its toll) and am happily reading. 🤔 tea and olives, you say?

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