I’m on track … sorta?


Oh my goodness. Life got WILD.

For still unknown reasons, my concussive symptoms just exploded in February. There have been days I’ve slept 12 hours and others where I have barely slept through the night. I’ve had 10/10 headaches and neck pain, dizziness and lightheadedness that has literally knocked me down and so much trouble with word retrieval.

These are some of my many excuses for not following through with this challenge. But, reflecting back on the past year, I’m still going to call it a success.

I learned how to treat myself so much more kindly. I accept that I need more rest and allow myself to take plenty of naps, go to bed early and ask for help with high-energy tasks. I get so excited by small achievements, like completing a tough sudoku or writing for 15 minutes. And I’m indulging in so many great things to mark those achievements. Soy lattes from Lila’s on the way home from therapy? Yes please!

And I’ve noticed that I tend to do kind things for people on a pretty daily basis. I share snacks with people asking for help on street corners, organize clothing swaps to help low-income folks and save energy to do housework to alleviate some of the pressure on my partner.

What I’m missing is doing one big thing for a person each month. Letting this project slip to the back burner was an act of kindness towards myself, but the break has also let me reflect and see the flaws (I’m already doing small things daily) and the huge benefits (learning self-care and having motivation to organize larger acts of kindness).

I’m starting occupational therapy next week and just had my first session back at physical therapy, on top of speech therapy, neurobiofeedback and regular doctor’s appointments, so I’m going to continue going easy on myself for now. But in 2019, I might just be starting this project over again, with new guidelines and challenges for myself.


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