Barriers to Sustainability: Product Design, Intellectual Property, and Consumer Laws

The companies must adjust to changing issues as electronics are increasingly integrated in mission critical applications, from planes to medical devices, and energy grids. Failure of electronic systems is a disaster.

The humid, hot and damaging electric and magnetic fields are examples of the harsh environments. The particular environmental conditions under the context of a product’s use will affect its specifications and needs to be considered during the development phase.


Electronic waste, also known as e-waste can be described as a huge amount of electronic items that are discarded, even though they could enhance productivity and increase quality of life. E-waste contains toxic materials and rare precious metals like gold, palladium and cadmium.

Recovering the value from industrial electronic equipment (EEE) is a vital element in decreasing the generation of electronic waste and achieving sustainable resource management practices. Remanufacturing instead of retrofitting and refurbishing, which focus on upgrading outdated devices with modern technology, is a comprehensive method. It includes disassembling the components, cleaning them and then repairing them and assembling them into an item that is still able to perform its original functionality.

We conducted an online study with industrial electronics repair technicians in the GCC to advocate remanufacturing rather than of disposal. It was found that PCB problems and malfunctions tend to be caused by these causes. This study provides technicians with valuable insight to improve repair techniques and recycle EEE in order to build a more long-term sustainable future.

Innovative Solutions

It’s not the case that “if you find it broken, don’t replace it” with regard to public transport equipment mining equipment, mining machines, or other industrial electronics that have high stakes. In many cases, a single faulty printed circuit board (PCB) could cause the whole device to malfunction and result in significant operational costs and requiring an urgent replacement.

The Right to Repair Movement is becoming more popular as an effective way to prolong the lifespan of electronic equipment and build viable business models that are sustainable. A variety of factors, such as the design of the product, intellectual legislation, consumer laws as well as taxes are preventing this process.

Innovation and the ability to adapt is essential for those who work in challenging environments. One common interview question asks applicants to recount a situation in which they had to think outside the box to complete an intricate repair. The recruiters can assess the technician’s problem-solving skills and to understand how they cope when faced with challenges that are unexpected in a fast-paced environment. Ability to rapidly find solutions demonstrates a technician’s creativity and commitment to quality.

Repairing Electronics under extreme temperatures sua chua servo fanuc and in extreme humidity

Manufacturers must test electronics rigorously to make sure they will be reliable throughout their planned life. Testing may involve extreme temperatures and humidity, or even the effects of vibration.

Too high temperatures can cause damage to electronic parts. It is particularly true of circuit boards, where the solder connected to components could melt. In the event of this happening it could cause the short circuit to occur, and even cause system failure.

Electronic components can be impacted by humidity. The result is material degradation as well as corrosion and leakage of electrical energy. The cause is the moisture penetration of packing materials, printed circuit boards and other parts’ surfaces.

This delay could cause problems in transmitting signals by slowing the rate at the speed at which electrons travel in the circuit. This lag can be so large that an entire circuit may fail. The industrial equipment could suffer severe injury from this.

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