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This formation originally tried to launch all of Xios Spark Dolls as Gua Army’s new combatants until Ultraman Ginga Victory and Ultraman Exceed X killed him. Her most important weapon is a whip referred to as the Bat, Batto Uippu, which can manipulate darkish energies to awaken monsters and turn Spark Dolls back to their unique varieties. His real weapon is the Bat Axe, Batto Akkusu tomahawk. His major weapon is a pair of Pata called the Magma Saber, Maguma Sāberu on y hand and may develop into the monstrous measurement to that of Ultraman. The Night Raiders entered the land of the useless and managed to defeat Kutuura with the final word Vanisher, a brand new beam weapon developed from Nexus vitality beam.

Quickly, this navy was rebuilt after juda specters died in ultra Combat Victory. Mold and Gina had been revived properly, and they arrived on Earth in Xs world to harvest the ultraman store mysterious Darkish Thunder Energy to strengthen their drive. Unfortunately, Ultraman Ginga appeared and revealed that he had wiped the whole Gua Military armada while approaching Xs world. Initially, the Military Commander Mold, Gundan-chō Morudo, was revived. First, he fought Present/Ultraman Victory in hopes of avenging Judas’ defeat but was forced to bring him to Xs world because of the Gua Army captive. Originally the Military Commander Gina, Gundan-chō Gina, she was revived and took the arrival of a girl garbled in a warrior outfit.

Their original plan was to invade the galaxy until the navy went defunct after their leaders had been killed by way of the Andro Warriors. Jack has given a mass-produced Ultraman Suit Jack Swimsuit, Jakku Sūtsu in America, which resembled the appearance of the original Ultraman Jack and helped the opposite swimsuit sporting Ultras in opposition to Dark Star members. Following the destruction of Bezelve, Saki had salvaged the crystal earlier and summonsed a developed form of Horoboros that easily defeated all three Ultras directly. Ultraman Orb, Urutoraman Ōbu, An Ultraman who rescued younger Chereza before now, his energy dominates the Orb Origin Crystal, Ōbu Orijin Kurisutaru. The Ultraman, Za Urutoraman is a Japanese animated tv collection co-produced by Tsuburaya Manufacturing and Tokyo Broadcasting System and lively by using sunrise.

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