From Spirited Away to Your Wardrobe: Studio Ghibli Official Store Picks

As a Studio Ghibli fan, you may have missed out on some of the coolest merchandise available. But worry not, the Studio Ghibli official store has you covered. From Spirited Away to My Neighbor Totoro, this store has everything you need to show your love for your favorite Studio Ghibli films.

If you’re a fan of Spirited Away, you’ll be excited to know that there are tons of items available that feature Chihiro and her friends. From a beautiful poster of No-Face to a cute keychain designed after the adorable Kaonashi (No-Face) himself, there’s no shortage of Spirited Away memorabilia. You Studio Ghibli Shop can even get a super cozy and stylish Spirited Away sweatshirt, complete with an embroidered Haku and Chihiro.

For fans of My Neighbor Totoro, the official store has plenty of options too! There are adorable Totoro plushies, backpacks, wallet cases, and more. You can even get a super cute Totoro mug for your morning coffee or tea. And if you want to keep the spirit of the forest with you at all times, a small Totoro coin purse would be perfect.

Maybe your favorite Studio Ghibli film is Howl’s Moving Castle. In that case, you won’t be disappointed with the official store’s collection of merchandise. You can show off your love for Howl and Sophie with a stylish and comfortable t-shirt. Or, if you want to decorate your space, you could choose a beautiful wall scroll featuring that stunning castle.

Studio Ghibli’s films are known for their magical worlds, and the official store has plenty of enchanting items that capture the spirit of these worlds. If you love the underwater world of Ponyo, there’s a super cute Ponyo tote bag available that’s perfect for your next beach day. Or, if you prefer the colorful and whimsical world of Kiki’s Delivery Service, there are plenty of Kiki-themed items available, including a cozy hoodie and a beautiful notebook.

If you’re looking for something a little more subdued, the official store even has products inspired by less well-known Studio Ghibli films. From Grave of the Fireflies to The Tale of Princess Kaguya, there’s something for every Studio Ghibli fan. There are even items that feature characters from the 2018 film, Mary and the Witch’s Flower, which was produced by Studio Ponoc, an animation studio founded by former Ghibli staff.

In conclusion, if you’re a Studio Ghibli lover, you really should check out the official store. There’s no better way to show your love for your favorite films than with some awesome merchandise. Whether you’re looking for something cute and practical, or something that will transport you to a magical world, there’s something for everyone in the official Studio Ghibli store.

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