Mind Twisting Movie You Must Watch In Life Time

Do you enjoy watching movies that have mind-blowing twists? Therefore in such cases, you must surely watch the writer,uriyadi, and PothanurThabal Nilayam. One of the best features of Tamil movies is that they have great exciting plots. Therefore you can expect to get constant surprises.

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Plot Of writer

The plot of Writer is about a writer who gets tangled in an illegal custody case that involves an innocent Ph.D. student. A constable is accounted to make a difficult decision to present the right decision for this Grave injustice.

As the person is dealing with guilt and regret at large, will he be able to save this innocent individual? Watch the movie to know more about what happens in the plot. 


Plot Of uriyadi

The movie Uriyadi presents the story of four friends who are studying in an engineering college and unintentionally get linked to being a part of a caste politics that is led by a group of corrupt politicians. The four bachelors lead a carefree life, where their life takes a turn as they get dragged into a political feud.

This situation led the four students to find their mutual interconnections. What’s the movie to know more about how these four individuals deal with this problem together and get out of it?


Plot OfPothanurThabalNilayam

The storyline of PothanurThabalNilayam presents the son of a Postmaster who aspires to become a big shot in the business. It is noticed that he uprooted several banks for loans. However, when he receives the money and he leaves the money in his father’s care, the money is stolen.

What’s the movie to know more about how he proves his family’s innocence and takes them out of the grave situation?

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If you enjoy watching Tamil thriller movieswith mind-blowing twists, then you must watch writer,uriyadi, and PothanurThabal Nilayam. These movies are a few of the latest additions to the ahaplatform. If you enjoy watching thriller movies, then you will surely enjoy these.

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