Nothing looks more unprofessionall than a silly spelling mistake.

See? With my writing and editing services, clients can avoid accidents such as that and accurately present themselves to the world, whether that’s through a comic book, description of a series of paintings or web copy.

I’m easy-going and flexible when it comes to working with others. The first time with a client, I’ll do a small portion of the job then send it for feedback and approval. This is to ensure they are happy with both my work itself and the methods I choose, be that using tracked changes in Pages or the editing functions in Adobe Acrobat. Not happy? Move on without paying a penny or chat with me to work out the kinks. I’m always excited for the opportunity to adapt to client’s preferred methods.

What I’m not flexible about is deadlines. Tell me when a project needs to be back and I’ll figure out if it’s realistic for me. If it is, I’ll guarantee the files will be submitted on time, every time.

Listed prices are Canadian. I accept e-transfers, PayPal and cheques. A payment of an estimated 50 per cent of the job is required before I’ll begin working.

Email for inquiries and expect to hear back from me within a week. My office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST.

Books, comics, web content, essays


Testimonial“I asked Meg to proofread my comic books several times, and every time I have been being satisfied with her results. She gave me a variety of accurate and ingenious solutions. I am always grateful to her speedy and careful work.” Comic book writer and artist Hiroki Masumura.

Bios, art descriptions, profiles


Testimonial: “What you did for me is you listened to what I needed and you understood what I was trying to express. You transformed the thoughts I couldnt express clearly and you made it so it could be expressed. Basically, you helped someone with severe mental illness communicate her thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world!!! … You were flexible and able to provide the help/service that I had been wanting but didnt even know how to ask to explain what I needed. I think I chose to ask you for help because of how real your writing is.” Sylvie after receiving a write-up about one of her paintings.


Writing, editing, zine making, craftavism, embroidery, knitting

Prices range from $40 / hour to $100 per hour, and include all supplies

Available only in Helena, Montana.

Custom 1.25″ buttons and magnets
$20 design fee or customer can submit the artwork. Sparkles, sequins and fabric can be added for an additional charge.

1-24, $1/each buttons, $2/each magnets
25-49, $0.80/each buttons, $1.60/each magnets
50-99, $0.60/each buttons, $1.20/each magnets
100-249, $0.55/each buttons, $1.05/each magnets
250-499, $0.50/each buttons, $1/each magnets
500-1,000, $0.45/each buttons, $0.90/each magnets

Testimonial: “I have ordered buttons several times of varying amounts always with a custom design and have never been disappointed. The colour has been accurate and the layout specifics of my designs have been bang on. I love ordering buttons from Meg as I can always count on the quality and the timely manner they are completed in!” Artist JM.Paterson