Cockroach zine is my baby.

The environmentalist/feminist publication was started by me last October and continues to be run soley by me.

I find contributors, edit, do layout, run the social media sites, plan events, find advertisers, take the zine to craft sales…. I do everything.

And I’ve realized, that maybe I shouldn’t.

As much as I want to have full control, I also want it to look as good as possible. I want the events to be a huge hit. I want it to grow. And I also want to keep my part-time job, volunteer positions and continue freelancing.

This weekend I found a graphic designer to take over the layout. While it’s good to know I can do those things if he becomes unable, it’s sort of a relief knowing that someone more capable will be making sure the music issue is looking it’s best. But it also kills me a little inside to lose that control.

At the same time, it will give the zine more exposure as he tells his friends about this project he is working on. It will send some money out into the local economy. And it will free me up for networking.

As I get the files ready to send to my new “layout guy” as I will call him, I’m apprehensive. But also excited to see what the next issue will end up looking like. And hoping I don’t get so into outsourcing I start paying the neighbour kid to scoop my cats’ litter boxes.