Time management


A lot of people who work in the industry told me as a student to have hobbies and remember to make time for friends and family. It’s easy to get too wrapped up in work and make it your life. It’s stressful. It’s not healthy. I agree, but this weekend I discovered another good reason to not fill all your time with work.

When you plan to spend the weekend writing blog posts and articles, editing for multiple publications and scheduling social media posts, you don’t have time to take your mom to the hospital.

Sitting in the hospital next to my mom Friday, Saturday and Sunday means that this morning, as I’m about to go off to work, I’m panicking about meeting tonight’s deadlines. They’ll get met, but my laundry won’t get done, I’ll be eating groceries that have been in the fridge maybe a little too long and my partner is going to have to pick up cat food.

As my parents and other family members age, they’re going to need me there more and I want to be able to bring them good food in the hospital and take care of things at home for them. And to do that, I’m going to have to cut back my workload so I’m available for emergencies.