Calming down with my new pals


April enjoying a snack of hay.

A week ago, I arrived at Forever MicroRanch Sanctuary to spend a couple of weeks with the animals and get to know the other humans who I am working with here.

I arrived a ball of anxiety, but that slowly faded over the first few days.

I’ve done many new things. I’ve spent time with horses and chickens, who used to make me uneasy but now I am comfortable around. I cut down a couple of dead trees and planted more than 40 baby trees. My muscles are sore. I’m scratched up and I have a bruised foot from where I dropped a bucket of water.

But I’m so freaking happy and relaxed.

There’s a lot to do here, but the biggest priority is making sure that all the beings on this property are happy and well taken care of. That means stopping throughout the day to chase the dogs around, walk the mini horses and pet the cats. It also means laying down a pitch fork to pick up Lyle the chicken when he comes running over for a snuggle.

I haven’t worked much in the last week, and from a financial standpoint I really need to get back to the keyboard, but I’ve discovered that animal company, physical work and fresh air do a lot to lessen my anxiety.

Here are just a few of my many friends out here at Forever MicroRanch Sanctuary.